Stealth Camping

Stealth Camping


Stealth camping is the pursuit of sleeping out within a hidden location where you may or may not have permission, without detection. It is the covert nature of it which accelerates  excitement! It commands a different set of rules and skills to  standard wild camping. These campers will fundamentally be wild, bush craft campers, but with a difference. This camping pushes the boundaries of camp locations to national parks, common land and local woodlands. Stealth or Ninja camping pushes the boundaries of concealment stretching to private estates and even nature reserves.

It is the concealment aspect of stealth camping which makes much more exciting as regular camping. People who engage in this activity often say it becomes the process of mastering a fine art.


Stealth camping is a thrilling and exciting! It allows you to reconnect with nature in ways no other activity will. The twilight atmosphere of the forests has a spiritual influence on our soul. Experiencing nature in this way has invigorated our senses for millennia. Further more it takes us to places we simply could not explore in our normal everyday lives. As a result it’s one of the few activities that reconnects with our primeval conscious, creating excitement and even addiction! Hence this form of expedition therefore pushes us mentally, physically and emotionally. We conclude that it pushes us in a way nature intended reducing the increasing stresses of the modern world.

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