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Sleeping Bags for Stealth Camping

When choosing sleeping bags for stealth camping there are a few things to consider making the best choice.

The first is the conditions you are likely to experience during your expedition. If camping in extreme minus zero temperatures most noteworthily ensure your sleeping bag is the correct temperature grade to avoid discomfort. One of the dangers of stealth camping especially going solo is hyperthermia so attention to the minimum temperature is essential before you venture out.

During a stealth camping expedition weight can be a problem it is favourable to keep your equipment as light as possible. Carrying too much gear consequently can hinder your manoeuvrability over distance. It is important to select a sleeping bag that is light weight and easy to pack down. Make sure your sleeping is not made with bright colours as you are attempting to go undetected in the landscape. Dark natural colours such as black and green are optimal for successful stealth camping.

This page displays some of the best sleeping bags for stealth camping.


Best Sleeping bags for stealth camping.


Gelert Tryfan Camo 300DL Sleeping Bag

Gelert Tryfan Camo 300DL Sleeping Bag

  A good all round sleeping bag which is light weight and packs down well ideal for stealth ...