Stealth Camping Expeditions



Expeditions are a great way to utilise the thrilling activity of stealth camping. Expeditions usually take the form or navigating landscapes via a planned route. This could be a section of the historical route of the Ridgeway or a defined hiking trail. These expeditions can last a series of days to weeks at a time with some completely relying on stealth camping, camp sites, hostels, hotels or a combination of all.



Stealth camping expeditions are the closest thing many people will ever get to true Special Forces expeditions where real physical and mental endurance is key and completing such expeditions gives you an enhanced feeling of accomplishment, self confidence and satisfaction, especially when you are back behind a desk on a Monday morning.

Stealth camping expeditions can let off much steam the modern world builds up inside us! Please email us pictures, videos and written accounts of your stealth camping expeditions so we can post them on this page to inspire other stealth campers!