Winter Camping

Cold Weather & Winter Camping


Winter Camping is just as exhilarating and thrilling as summer camping but with a harsher more survivalist element to it. Withstanding the cold harsh winter elements during stealth camping  can stiffen your resolve to much more extreme survival situations and expeditions. Winter camping can be enjoyable but it is advised you go prepared with the correct gear. If temperatures are going to be sub zero make sure your sleeping bag is up to scratch and you are not camping in a hollow where cold air settles or a frost pocket. Hyperthermia is a real risk when winter stealth camping and different people have varying levels of thermal regulation so pack good gear and work your way slowly to colder temperatures.

 There are some extra benefits of winter stealth camping as there are fewer day light hours for you to be discovered. Fewer hours of daylight and uncomfortable weather conditions means less people will be out and discover your stealth camp. It may seem miserable camping in torrential rain but if your camp is set up correctly you can cook, chat and rest with the insurance policy no one will disturb you wild stealth camping in these conditions.