Stealth Camping rules



Always leave a camp location exactly as you found therefore taking all litter with you.


Always take some rubbish or unnatural materials from others back home with you to dispose of.


Do not hunt or kill wildlife for food.


Never choose locations that could cause fear or distress to farm animals, pets or local residence.


Not camp where there are blatant signs to keep out or not trespass.

Choose locations as far as possible from human walking routes or places where you are likely to be discovered.


If discovered consequently be honest, polite, apologise and promise to move on.


A fire can be lit only after dark, if its small in size, in deciduous woodland, and is thoroughly extinguished afterwards.


Dogs can find your location, bare this in mind, keep food hidden, sealed and stay away from dog walking zones.


Keep noise to a minimum if there are a small group of you whisper the point of stealth camping is to be at one with the forest. The maximum number of stealth campers should only be three.


Camps should require little set up time and unnatural infrastructure like conventional camping.


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