Stealth Camping Survival


Survival is often thought of as a practice of Special Forces, arctic explorers or TV celebrities such as Ray Mears and Bear Grills. The truth is the importance of survival knowledge both in wilderness conditions or urban ones are not to be underestimated. For the first time in history we live in an ever vulnerable world with large population densities relying on capitalist systems for water, food and warmth. Modern populations simply do not appreciate how easy it would be for the collapse of this life line to take place and how quickly our lives could fall apart if very likely scenarios raised their heads. Modern catastrophes such as war, food shortages, oil depletion, prolonged extreme weather, asteroid impacts or the hacking of our industrial or government computers could turn our cosmopolitan towns into factions of looting mobs who would easily kill you and your loved ones for their own survival. As farfetched as this seems at no time in history are we more at risk of these types of melt downs and stealth camping is one of the very few activities which could prepare you for the scenarios these circumstances could make reality for you.

Stealth camping hardens the body and mind to the real realities of survival in urban or wilderness environments. Everyone should experience stealth, wild camping for its reality checks of existence, even children to help them appreciate the creature comforts we in the western world all enjoy and can be taken away at any time. Stealth camping can open the mind of appreciation and realisation we live in a historic bubble which could burst. Stealth camping can improve spiritual well being, physical toughness, reduce stress and increase self esteem and confidence no matter what your age or abilities.