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Camping fire pits

10 Camping Fire Pits

Camping fire pits

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10 Best Camping Fire Pits

Having a campfire is a part of camping. Camping fire pits can allow you to have a fire without exposing hot coals to the ground. It has to be said camping without a campfire, is kind of like having a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, without the peanut butter.

It’s just not the same. So, it can be very frustrating to get to your campground, only to discover that there are no fire rings, or they are in disrepair and unusable. To add to the frustration, many places have laws that prohibit open burning (for good reason). That means a traditional log fire, without a ring, or pit, is out of the question. We want everyone to enjoy their camping trips and their campfires, that’s why we’ve reviewed the 10 best camping fire pits, for you.

Rootless Large Portable Outdoor Fire Pit

This fire pit looks a little different than you’d expect, but its innovative design allows it to be folded and stored easily. Four sturdy legs support the steel mesh screen, keeping your campfire away from the ground, this is great when camping during the dry season, or the rainy seasons.

It can support plenty of wood and it is easy to clean. The ash does not compact into the mesh, or fall through onto the ground. Cleaning is as easy as dumping the pit and brushing, or wiping it off. Storage is easy too, simply collapse the fire pit and place it into its carrying bag.

camping fire pit

Rootless folding camping fire pit

Dimensions – Assembled 22” (L) x 22” (W) x 12.6” (H) – Folded 25.6” (L) x 2.5” (W) x 2.5” (H)

Weight – 2.25 Lbs

Materials – Anti Heating Stainless Steel

Fuel Source – Wood


Rust Resistant


Easy to Clean



Fire is very exposed

Could be knocked over

Landmann 28312 Big Sky Steel Fire Ring

This fire pit adds a decorative touch and a nice ambient glow. It has wildlife cutouts along the ring, that serve to allow more oxygen into the fire, while providing a nice view. The ring is sturdy and can be taken apart after use and stored back in its box, or in another storage container.

You can also lay a grate over this fire pit, for grilling. It’s 28 inch diameter provides enough space for a decent sized fire, but you could also join two of these together to create a 56 inch ring, for an even larger campfire. The sides of the ring are about 10 inches high, which allows a good amount of wood to be stacked in it.

Landman big sky camping fire pit

Landmann big sky camping fire pit

Dimensions – 28’’ (D) x 10’’ (H)

Weight – 5.7 Lbs

Materials – Steel

Fuel Source – Wood


Comes apart for storage

Decorative Design

Can be used to grill

High Sides


Will Rust

Need tools to assemble/disassemble

Outland Firebowl 823

The Outland Firebowl offers a realistic campfire experience, without the mess, or smoke of an actual fire. It is propane fueled and features a 10 ft. hose, allowing you to keep your propane tank out of sight and safely away from the fire.

It also includes lava rocks, which can be placed inside the pit to add to the realism, as the flames dance around them. You could place a grate over this fire pit for grilling, or roast over fire on a stick, or spit. A natural gas adapter, cover and carry kit and a carrying bag can be purchased separately for this fire pit.

Outland firebowl

Outland Firebowl

Dimensions – 19” (L) x 19” (W) x 11” (H)

Weight – 22 Lbs

Output – 58,000 BTU/HR.

Materials – Enamel Coated Steel

Fuel Source – 20 Lb Propane Tank, or Natural Gas


No smoke, or mess

Realistic campfire experience

Can be grilled on




Accessories sold separately

Amazon Basics Portable Folding Fire Pit

This little fire pit is anything, except basic. It has a simple, attractive design and it comes with everything you need to enjoy a small campfire. It features dual grates for easy grilling and a mesh lid to keep sparks contained, while allowing a full view of the fire.

This camping fire pit is easy to assemble, it requires no tools and it also comes with a fire tool. Clean up is easy, just remove the grates and dump the cold ashes and leftover wood. When you’re done using this fire pit, fold the legs and slide it into its carrying bag, for easy storage.

Camping fire pit

Amazon Basics Portable Folding Fire Pit

Dimensions – 26.3” (D) x 16.5” (H)

Weight – 11.2 pounds

Materials – Painted, Heat Resistant Steel

Fuel Source – Wood, Pellets or charcoal



Includes everything you need

Mesh lid to contain fire

Dual racks


Paint may chip

Landmann 28345 Big Sky Stars and Moons Fire Pit

This fire pit has something unique to offer. It has cutouts around the pit, that are visually appealing and serve as vents for the fire. The Sky, Stars and Moons fire pit also comes with a grilling rack, as well as a mesh lid, to keep hot sparks contained, without obstructing the view of the fire, or food you may be grilling.

It does not fold down, but it does have a sturdy carrying handle that encircles the entire fire pit. The carrying handle can also double as a foot rest. The steel body of this fire pit is finished in Georgia clay, to prevent premature rusting, it is recommended to clear coat this fire pit with a high temp spray paint.

Sky stars camping fire pit

Landmann Big Sky camping Fire Pit

Dimensions – 29.5” (L) x 29.5” (W) x 23” (H)

Weight – 28.5 Lbs

Materials – Georgia Clay Finished Steel

Fuel Source – Wood, Charcoal, or Pellets


Appealing Design

Sturdy Carrying Handle

Includes Grill Grate


Rusts quickly if not treated

Not collapsible

Camp Chef Propane Compact Fire Ring

The Camp Chef propane fire ring offers the look of a traditional style fire, without the wood, or thick smoke. The flame is controlled, so you can get closer to the fire, without fear of the flames jumping higher, or hot ashes flying from logs. It consists of a high pressure plate and the ring, which separate for easy clean up.

This fire ring is smaller than some of the others on our list, but it gives off just as much heat. It is perfect for roasting marshmallows, or hot dogs and warming up. The included lava rocks allow the flames to dance and crackle, giving the illusion of a wood fire. It comes with a 5 ft. hose, regulator, 12 lb. bag of lava rock, 2 roasting sticks and a carrying bag.

Camp chef Potable camp Fire

Camp Chief Portable fire ring

Dimensions – 15” (D) x 6.5” (H)

Weight – 23 Lbs

Output – 50,000 BTU/Hr

Materials – Steel

Fuel – 20 Lb Propane Tank


Usable during most fire bans

Controlled fire, needs no water to extinguish




Lava rocks need to be cured

Pop-Up Fire Pit

This camping fire pit doesn’t look like much at first, but its heat shield technology allows it to be used on grass, asphalt, or wooden decks without damage. It folds down and pops up in less than a minute and it only takes 90 seconds to cool down enough to store. It is small and compact, but don’t let its small size fool you.

The pop up has a large enough pit and is sturdy enough to burn full sized logs and it can be used with a grill rack. It is also rust proof, so you won’t have to worry if it gets left out in the rain. This camping fire pit is also US Forest Service and B.L.M fire pan approved, so this fire pit is allowed in all campgrounds and you can use it without worry. It collapses and stores in its own carry bag.

Pop up fire pit

Pop Up Fire Pit

Dimensions – 24” (L) x 24” (W) x 15” (H)

Weight – 7.25 Lbs

Materials – Stainless Steel

Fuel Source – Wood


Holds up to 125 Lbs of wood

Clean Burns

Heat shield protects surface under fire pit


Sappy woods compromise the heat shield ( Not recommended for use with wood such as ‘Fat Wood’)

Camco Portable Propane Outdoor Campfire

This propane fire pit has a simple, low profile design. However, the lack of bulk isn’t a bad thing. It has decorative cut outs along the ring, that cast an eye catching glow, while offering a conversation point.

Sturdy folding legs allow this fire pit to be collapsed and stored in its included tote bag. It has an 8 ft. hose, with regulator, that allows you to keep your propane tank a safe distance from your campfire. The included lava rocks give a realistic look to the fire, while helping to radiate heat.

Camco Potable camping fire pit

Camco Portable Propane Camping Fire Pit

Dimensions – 16.3” (D) x 8” (H)

Weight – 21 Lbs.

Output – 65,000 BTU/Hr

Materials – Powder Coated Steel

Fuel Source – Propane



Fire glass can be used, instead of lava rocks

Adjustable Flame



Not as much heat as a wood fire

Global Outdoors Portable Fire Pit

This fire pit has a lid that can also be used as a grill surface, so you won’t have to worry about bringing a grill grate along too. It assembles and collapses quickly, with no tools required. Once assembled, the fire is completely enclosed by the mesh sides and lid, ensuring no hot embers make their way to the sitting area. Once folded, it is compact and is similar in size to a small briefcase.

Global fire pit

Global Outdoor Fire Pit

Dimensions – 19.1” (L) x 19.2” (W) x 30.8” (H)

Weight – 23.8 Lbs

Material – Steel

Fuel Source – Wood


Large Wood Capacity

Easy to Clean

Top Doubles as a Grill

No Tools Required



May Rust

HY-C FG-16 Flame Genie

The flame genie offers the best of both worlds, so to speak. Like a wood fire, It offers warmth, interesting fire patterns and a cozy feeling. Like a propane fire, it has low odor, low smoke and you won’t have a lot of ash to clean up. The flame genie uses an innovative design and burns wood pellets, while implementing a gravitational afterburner system to maximize the use of your pellets.

Flame genie

Flame Genie

Dimensions – 13.5” (D) x 12.5” (H)

Weight – 13.5 Lbs.

Materials – Galvanized Steel

Fuel Source – Wood Pellets


Minimal Ash

Burns Clean




Our Top Picks

Overall, each of these fire pits is good at what it does and that’s why they made our list. However, each one is also a little different than the others, so depending on your needs, one may work better than you for the rest. Our favorite wood fueled fire pit is the Pop Up Fire Pit, its large burning surface and heat shield make it a great addition to any camping trip and it won’t leave scorch marks, or damage the grass.

For propane fueled fire pits, the Outland Firebowl 823 stole the show, in our opinion. Propane fire pits tend to be small, and unlike their wood fueled counterparts, there’s not much you can do to make them bigger. The Outland Firebowl 823 is large enough to sit around and enjoy, for us, that makes it a great choice. Want more opportunities to cook barbecues when camping? Why not check out our article of best camping barbecues here. 

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