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Camping gift ideas

Camping Gift Ideas


Camping gift ideas



Camping Gift Ideas


Gift giving can be difficult. The giving part is easy, but more often than not, we have no idea what gift to give.

Deciding what item would make the best gift for someone is even harder when you aren’t sure what they like, or already have. If the person you’re buying a gift for loves camping, or the outdoors don’t worry, this article is all about great gifts to give the campers in your family.

Below we’ve listed out some of the best camping gifts and how they can improve the camping and outdoors experience. They’re not just great for campers though, most of the gifts on our list are also budget friendly consequently making them a win-win choice.

Below we have put together 20 great camping gift ideas for the keen outdoors types.



SAS Survival manual


An SAS Survival Manual is a great gift for campers of any age. This manual was originally published in 1986, but a revised edition was released in 2009. Since then, several other survival manuals have been released by different authors. The original SAS Survival Manual covers just about every aspect of being in the wilderness, including information on disaster survival and survival methods for different climates.

The information, spanning over 11 sections also covers things like fire building and emergency shelter. Even the most experienced outdoors man in your family could learn something new with a survival manual.



You can see an example of this gift idea here.


SAS survival manual



Kelly Kettle


A Kelly Kettle is an invaluable gift for anyone who enjoys camping, hunting, or just being outdoors. It is essentially a camping stove and all of the cooking supplies you need, all in one lightweight package. It is made from stainless steel and therefore can use any natural fuel source, including pine cones, brush, animal dung etc.

These camping stoves can be purchased as a basic set, or in sets containing extra accessories. Kelly Kettles won’t rust and they are built to last, this is a gift that will last for years to come.


You can see an example of this gift idea here.




Folding Camping Shovel


Folding camping shovels make good camping gifts, because they have several practical uses. They can even be used at home around the yard, when you’re not camping. These shovels fold down to impressively small sizes, while still being sturdy. They can be used for sawing wood, shoveling and digging. Some styles even have a rotating head that allows them to be used as a pickax, or hoe as well.

These shovels are easily assembled and collapsed without tools and once you’re done they can be stored in their case. The case and shovel together are small enough and light enough to hang from your belt, or be placed in your backpack. A folding camping shovel would be a great gift for any camping hobbyist.


You can see an example of this gift idea here.


Foldable camping spade


Solar Powered Battery Charger


Camping comes without a few modern luxuries and electricity is one of them. A solar powered battery charger is a good camping gift for your loved one and it can also help give you peace of mind. Dead GPS units, cell phones and other important devices won’t be an issue after this gift. Solar powered battery chargers can effectively charge just about any device that uses a usb style charger.

Some styles can even charge single batteries and battery packs. If you have a camper in your family who enjoys long camping trips, this is a great option furthermore you’ll sleep better knowing that even out in the wilderness, they’re only a phone call away.


You can see an example of this gift idea here.


solar battery charger


Camping Hammock


There are many styles of camping hammocks, but they all have a few things in common. They are waterproof, lightweight, durable and easy to use just about anywhere. A camping hammock makes a wonderful gift for any camping enthusiast. Sleeping on the ground can get uncomfortable, even with sleeping pads and sleeping bags.

A hammock gives campers an alternative sleeping option. It also makes sleeping under the stars easy. A camping hammock will allow you to sleep under the sky, without bugs, like ants sharing your bed with you.

Camping hammocks are also available as single, or double hammocks. Double hammocks can support up to 500 lbs and make it easy for you to lay with your significant other, child, or even your pet.


You can see an example of this gift idea here.



Nature fun camping hammock




Binoculars are a necessity for some camping activities, like bird watching and wildlife sighting. If you have a camper in your family, chances are they enjoy these activities and a good pair of binoculars are great camping gift. A good pair of binoculars doesn’t have to be expensive and some budget friendly options even include features, like night vision that you won’t find on more expensive brands. Sport binoculars are a good choice for campers, as they are compact, powerful and water resistant. A good pair of sport binoculars will hold up to the conditions often encountered in wilderness settings and will hold up to frequent use for a long time.


You can see an example of this gift idea here.



Bushnell legend binoculars


Inflatable Lounger


An inflatable lounger can make relaxing while camping a lot more comfortable. Like hammocks, inflatable lounges can also be used as a sleeping alternative. While most inflatable furniture is too big for tents to reasonably accommodate, they are designed to be used outdoors. Inflatable loungers are a great gift choice for the campers in your family and they are sure to be used a lot. There are many different styles of inflatable lounges available, but the most common resembles a mattress, or sofa of sorts. Inflatable, waterproof loungers make great camping gift ideas.


You can see an example of this gift idea here.


Inflatable lounger



Funny Camping Mug


Camping mugs are made from ceramic, aluminum, tin, stainless steel and other food grade materials. They are designed to be sturdy and hold up to the outdoors life. Any camper will appreciate a good, quality camping mug for their beverages, but a funny phrase printed on the side can make the mug that much better. Just like coffee drinkers appreciate their funny mugs and a good laugh, campers will too. Camping mugs can be found with many different sayings and some companies even add custom sayings.


You can see an example of this gift idea here.


Funny camping mug


Wind Up Radio


A wind up radio is a must for campers, especially when camping in areas prone to storms and other natural hazards, such as avalanches. Most wind up radios also have other features, such as flashlights and some versions are able to be solar, or wall charged as well as being hand cranked. Wind up radios also help provide familiar background noise, bring some music to the day and provide a form of entertainment. A wind up radio is an essential piece of camping equipment and a great gift for all campers.


You can see an example of this gift idea here.


Wind up radio


LED Tactical Flashlight


Life doesn’t stop when the sun goes down, but the light does when camping. Chances are you’ll need to venture out in the dark while camping, for many different reasons. These flashlights are small and powerful. They easily fit in your shirt, or pants pocket, yet they are bright enough for you to see anything you’d possibly need to. LED Tactical Flashlights make useful gifts for campers young and old.


You can see an example of this gift idea here.


LED Flashlight



Night Vision Scope


Most campers are also hunters and a night vision scope can be a great gift. Any hunter in your family will be thrilled with a new scope. Night vision scopes are available for hunting bows, mini crossbows and rifles, so no matter the style of hunting, there’s a night vision scope available.


You can see an example of this gift idea here.


Thermal scope


LED Flame Bluetooth Speaker


An LED flame bluetooth speaker can make a great gift for any music lover. These portable devices function as a powerful speak and a bright lamp. They are the perfect size for a camping trip and will easily light the inside of a tent. Most of these speakers can be wall charged, or used with batteries.


You can see an example of this gift idea here.


Flame bluetooth led speaker




Hammer Multi Tool


Swiss army knives and leathermans are great, but they’re lacking one major tool, a hammer. While it is possible to pound in some things with a folded leatherman, the tool isn’t intended to be used that way. A hammer multi tool includes the same tools you’d find in a classic multi tool, with the inclusion of a hammer. These small and easily accessible hammers are good for small jobs and knocking things loose. They’d be a perfect present for a camper. Many styles of hammer multi tools are available and anyone could find a use for one.


You can see an example of this gift idea here.


Survival Multi



LED Camping Lantern


Sometimes when you’re out camping you need a little bit more light than a flashlight can provide. Other times you may need both hands and it’s hard to set a flashlight down and have it be useful. That’s when lanterns become useful. Lanterns are better than flashlights in some situations because they don’t have to be held. If you’re looking for a camping gift that will be appreciated and get a lot of use, a lantern might just be the right choice.


You can see an example of this gift here.


Led Camping lantern




Camping isn’t just for summer. Spring mornings and fall days can get chilly, especially in the woods where sunlight is heavily filtered by the trees. A snood is a great choice for campers and outdoors men. Unlike traditional scarves, snoods fit snugly and have no trailing ends to snag on things as you walk. Snoods are available for men, women and children in a variety of styles. If you know someone who likes to camp all year long, a snood is a great gift.


You can see an example of this gift idea here.


Camping snood


Camping First Aid Survival Kit


Injuries happen, usually at the most inconvenient times. During camping is no exception. Cuts, scrapes, burns and sprains are some of the most common injuries that happen during camping trips. Every camper should have a first aid kit that is well stocked, just in case. Clean water isn’t always available when you need it and proper wound care is a must.

The importance of this item makes it a good choice as a gift. You can never have enough alcohol wipes and bandaids, if you know a camper, hunter, hiker, or wilderness lover, consider gifting them a well stocked first aid kit.


You can see an example of this gift idea here.


Wild camping first aid kit


Mosquito Racket


What is more annoying than mosquitoes? Not many things are, especially when camping. Mosquitoes are not only annoying though incidentally they also carry nasty diseases and have been behind quite a few outbreaks. Bug sprays offer a lot of protection from these pests, but there are always a few that seem un-bothered by it and try to bite us anyhow.

A mosquito racket ensures none of the mosquitoes will live to bite again. Unlike a traditional fly swatter, you don’t need to wait for it to land, or flail, hoping you knock it out of the air. A mosquito Racket zaps bugs on contact therefore making it quick, effective and easy. A mosquito racket is one of those camping gift ideas for anyone who enjoys being outside.


You can see an example of this gift idea here.


Electric fly squat


Final Thoughts


Everyone is different and while most of these gifts could be useful for anyone, each person is different. If you are unsure about what to purchase for someone, it is always a good idea to look for hints. Maybe something they use often is worn out, or they enjoy a particular hobby, like bird watching for example, but could enjoy it more if they had a better pair of binoculars.

The most appreciated gifts are the ones that are needed and it is no different with camping gift ideas. You may see something you think someone would like, but if they need something, it is always better to go with the thing they need.



We hope our list of camping gift ideas has given you some inspiration and helped you to decide on the perfect gift for the outdoorsy people in your life.

Thank you for reading our article on camping gift ideas. Did it help you with your search? If so why not share it with your friends? This really helps us to write more useful contect in the future. Thanks again!



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